Automotive chemicals

Borygo is a widely available brand. For many years it has been used by both individual drivers and professionals. Automotive products offered by Boryszew under this brand mainly include a group of commonly known fluids for vehicle radiators. The properties of each fluid have been optimised for different types of radiators in passenger cars and vans, and the formula is based on using the best materials, years of experience, and excellent knowledge of the market. Boryszew atomotive range also includes ready to use windscreen washer fluids and car windows cleaners, and brake fluids for different types of cars.

Radiator fluids

Effectively protect the cooling system from freezing or overheating. By using performance chemicals substantially reduce the system damage processes. Effectively protect metals in the cooling system against corrosion, and give the rubber elements long-term durability. Recommended for all types of vehicles with liquid cooling.

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Windscreen washer fluids

Ready to use excellent quality fluid for windscreen washers and cleaning. Accurately selected composition provides effective window cleaning in all weather conditions and prevents deterioration of painted coatings, gaskets and wipers.

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Brake fluids

Intended for different types of vehicles guarantee reliability of the car braking system. Can be used for drum or disc brakes, operate with modern ABS, ASR, and ESP systems and other electronic systems designed for traction control and driving assistance.

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