Radiator fluids

BORYGO is a widely available brand. For many years it has been used by both individual drivers and professionals. We provide both fluids in small packages, as well as in industrial quantities, to make it easier to choose the required capacity.

Borygo Nowy

Well known, all-season radiator fluid based on ethylene glycol

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Borygo EKO

Eco-friendly radiator fluid based on nontoxic propylene glycol

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Borygo Premium Extended Life

Radiator fluid in compliance with G12 and G12 + standards of very high performance parameters

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Borygo Start

High-quality fluid and concentrate for vehicle radiators, designed for customers who value quality and cost-effective use.

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Borygo Truck

First Polish fluid designed for specific types of engines: trucks and heavy construction machines

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Specialised product for filling the engine cooling systems of large construction machinery and special machinery

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