Ergoplast ES (ESBO) Hurt - Boryszew ERG Ergoplast ES (ESBO) Hurt - Boryszew ERG

Ergoplast ES (ESBO)

Ergoplast ES (ESBO), epoxidised soybean oil is a homogeneous oily mixture of epoxidised glycerides of C16 ÷ C18 acids.

ESBO us a plasticiser used mainly in the processing of soft and hard PVC. Due to easy biodegradability and accetance for the production of products having contact with foodstuffs (according to the EU Directive 10/2011, upto 60 mg/kg is allowed) Ergoplast ES can be used in a variety of applications.

Chemical name: Epoksydowany olej sojowy (epoxide soybean oil)
CAS Number: 8013-07-8
EC Number: 232-391-0
Chemical formula: C57H106O10
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