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Ergoterm OTGO-S

Ergoterm OTGO-S is a thermal stabiliser of emulsion and suspension PVC and its copolymers. Recommended for the processing of hard and semi-hard PVC processed by calendering, extrusion and injection. Due to the content of sulphur, it should not be used together with stabilisers containing lead or cadmium.

Ergoterm OTGO-S does not have lubricating properties – it is recommended to use it with glycerol esters or salts of fatty acids.


Ergoterm OTGO-TM is an oily liquid of a pale yellowish colour. During storage, the product may precipitate a small amount of white precipitate, which does not deteriorate the stabilising properties.

Commercial name: Ergoterm OTGO-S

Chemical name: composition of sulphuric octylstannous stabiliser with epoxidised soybean oil

Shelf life: 6 month from the date of manufacture

Parameter Content
Density, g/cm³ 1,06÷ 1,08
Stannous content,%, at least 14,5
Refractive index, nD20, at least 1,497
Thermal stability at 180C, minutes, at least 80
Material Safety Data Sheet Ergoterm OTGO-S Size 385 kB Download

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