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Ergoterm OTGO-TM

Ergoterm OTGO-TM is a thermal stabiliser of emulsion and supsension PVC and its copolymers. Recommended for the processing of PVC processed by calendering, extrusion and injection. Due to the content of sulphur, it should not be used together with pigment stabilisers and other containing lead or cadmium. It should be used for products for technical use. Ergoterm OTGO-TM does not have lubricating properties – it is recommended to use it with glycerol esters or salts of fatty acids.


Ergoterm OTGO-TM is an oily liquid of a pale yellowish colour. During storage, the product may precipitate a small amount of white precipitate, which does not deteriorate the stabilising properties.

Commercial name: Ergoterm OTGO-TM

Chemical name: composition of sulphuric octylstannous stabiliser with epoxidised soybean oil

Shelf life: 6 months from the date of manufacture

Parameter Content
Density, g/cm³ 1,04÷ 1,06
Stannous content,%, at least 10,0
Refractive index, nD20, at least 1,491
Thermal stability at 180C, minutes, at least 70
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