PVC roofing soffits

Provides aesthetic finish of the roof. Perfect for single-family, multi-storey, and commercial and industrial buildings, as a finish of the eaves of every roof. Protects the parts extending outside the body of the building against harmful atmospheric agents and mechanical damage.

Perfect eaves finish

Roofing soffit is an aesthetic finish of the eaves from below. With properly selected soffits, the roof starts to look impressive, and the entire structure has the desired shape. Boryszew product range includes soffit systems in many colours, allowing you to match it to the the selected element of the building: facade, roof, windows or doors.

Safe for health

When building a house we want to feel safe and comfortable in it. When building or renovating the house, it is important to choose those construction materials, which are not harmful to our health. Boryszew uses only pure polyvinyl chloride without toxic lead compounds for the production of soffits.


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