De-icing fluid for runways, Borygo Runway KF - Boryszew ERG De-icing fluid for runways, Borygo Runway KF - Boryszew ERG

De-icing fluid for runways, Borygo Runway KF

De-icing fluid preventing icing of runways, based on potassium formate. Technologically advanced and safe for the environment potassium formate-based product that facilitate removal of snow, frost, and ice from the surface of runways, taxiways and other maneuvering areas

Meets the requirements of AMS 1435 C/D

  • causes rapid melting even at very low temperatures.
  • has excellent de-icing properties and prevents the formation of an ice layer
  • ensures maximum friction on the surface of a runway
  • the product is biodegradable
  • provides effective protection against corrosion due to its corrosion inhibitors content.
Chemical composition 50% aqueous potassium formate solution comprising a corrosion inhibitor composition
Appearance Colourless, clear, and homogeneous liquid of a uniform colour, does not contain separated layers, lumps or foreign bodies
Typical density 1,34 – 1,35 g/cm3
pH 10,7 (±0,5)
Crystallisation temperature 50 % solution (w/w) -15°C ready to use -60°C

Snow removal and de-icing of runways

A basic problem in winter for the aviation sector is proper preparation of runways, taxiways, and other maneuvering areas for safe aircraft takeoff and landing. In such situation, it is necessary to use chemicals that effectively remove icing and protect against re-icing, while being completely safe for airport surfaces and do not damage the environment. Boryszew, based on many years of experience in the manufacture of non-freezing products, developed and implemented effective solutions for safe flight operations. Borygo Runway KF fluid and Borygo Runway SF granules are technologically advanced and environmentally friendly agents that ensure safety during take-offs and landings, even in a cold and snowy weather.


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