De-icing fluid for runways, Borygo Runway KF Hurt - Boryszew ERG De-icing fluid for runways, Borygo Runway KF Hurt - Boryszew ERG

De-icing fluid for runways, Borygo Runway KF

De-icing fluid preventing icing of runways, based on potassium formate. Technologically advanced and safe for the environment potassium formate-based product that facilitate removal of snow, frost, and ice from the surface of runways, taxiways and other maneuvering areas

Meets the requirements of AMS 1435 C/D

  • causes rapid melting even at very low temperatures.
  • has excellent de-icing properties and prevents the formation of an ice layer
  • ensures maximum friction on the surface of a runway
  • the product is biodegradable
  • provides effective protection against corrosion due to its corrosion inhibitors content.
Chemical composition 50% aqueous potassium formate solution comprising a corrosion inhibitor composition
Appearance Colourless, clear, and homogeneous liquid of a uniform colour, does not contain separated layers, lumps or foreign bodies
Typical density 1,34 – 1,35 g/cm3
pH 10,7 (±0,5)
Crystallisation temperature 50 % solution (w/w) -15°C ready to use -60°C

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