Borygo Nowy

BORYGO fluid is a well known multi-season vehicle radiator fluid. Produced based on ethylene glycol of high purity, intended for use in engine cooling systems of motor vehicles.

Why is it worth it?

Car engine generates heat during operation. The purpose of the cooling system and the fluid in it is to ensure the engine has a proper operating temperature and maintain it at a constant level, regardless of the engine load. Cooling fluid in the cooling system, which is a heat transfer medium must prevent overheating and boiling in the summer and cannot freeze in the winter.

Although the coolant is one of the least frequently changed fluids, its insufficient amount in the cooling system or excessive consumption may lead to serious failures in the car. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the radiator fluid, and if necessary, refilling. In addition to heat transfer, cooling fluid also ensures appropriate maintenance of the system. High quality coolant limits corrosion of engine parts and individual components of the cooling system, and prevents deposition of precipitates in this system. Radiator fluid also protects the engine against freezing and reduces cavitation (rapid conversion from the liquid to gas phase). It is therefore important to select a proper fluid and regularly take care of its condition and correct level.


Effective protection

Borygo Nowy - all-season fluid for vehicle radiators produced on the basis of ethylene glycol of high purity provides protection against frost up to -35°C and protects the cooling system against corrosion. The highest quality is confirmed by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.


Borygo Nowy radiator fluid is compatible with most other radiator fluids based on ethylene glycol. For complete protection against corrosion and deposition of precipitates in the cooling system, it is recommended to use Borygo fluid.

All-purpose radiator fluid

Borygo Nowy is intended for use in the engine cooling systems of passenger cars, vans, trucks, and buses, construction machinery, military equipment, agricultural tractors, and stationary engines equipped with both brass (copper) soldered, and aluminium radiators.

Borygo is not only a known brand

BORYGO is a symbol that stands for good and reliable coolants, used for years in passenger cars and trucks. BORYGO offer is addressed not only to the individual customer, but also to companies and car, bus, tractors, and construction equipment manufacturing plants.

Automotive fluids - for radiators, washers, and brake fluids

A group of automotive products manufactured in Boryszew ERG, in addition to coolants, also includes specialized windscreen washer fluids Borygo for windscreen washing and brake fluids.

Fluids for the aviation sector

Recently, the Borygo family has expanded by products dedicated to the aviation sector, including de-icing fluids for aircraft surfaces and de-icing agents for runways.

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